Sisteme Stingere Incendiu
Surse de alimentare EN54-4

Power supplies EN54-4

The buffer power supply of the EN54 series for fire alarm systems is designed in accordance with the following standards: EN54-4:2001, EN 12101-10:2007. The power supplies are available in 2 versions: LED or LCD display.

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Centrale de stingere a incendiului - marca Advanced

Advanced Extinguishing Panel - Advanced

The ExGo system includes a main control panel and a range of panels and devices including repeater units, hold and abort button and active end of line devices.
It is very easy to install, all of the sensitive circuits are analysed and configured by the simple, panel menu system with no direct adjustment of electronic components required. The specific nature of faults are displayed to aid diagnosis.
A time-stamped log tracks all activation events and can (along with all panel settings) be downloaded to a PC tool for reference, storage, filtering and printing. Onboard diagnostics can be accessed from the panel menu and all test modes and disablements easily controlled.
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Fighter MPR - 8 zones and 8 relays conventional fire alarm & extinguishing panel

This conventional fire alarm & extinguishing panel is expandable up to 72 zones using expansion modules (8 zones per module). Output expandability; 8 relay modules with 8 relays each. Up to a maximum of 8 keypads units per system. Built in communicator supporting Contact I.D protocol. Power supply 27.6 VDC,2A. CE certified.
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