Magellan is the first security system to combine security with popular consumer features and a stylish design

Magellan looks different than anything else in the security industry. Install it anywhere in your home or small business, Magellan blends beautifully with any decor: you can leave a message or use your system as a telephone, alarm clock or monitoring device. With Magellan you have security and so much more!

magellan facilitati

Magellan consists of wireless detection devices installed at specific entry and exit points, as well as other vulnerable areas, such as windows. These devices protect the premises and communicate with Magellan’s main console. If you have armed the system and a device detects a breach, a siren will be activated and your central station will immediately be notified by phone.
Choose from wireless motion detectors that are immune to pets, door contacts, and remote controls that automate your most frequently used security functions. Magellan is perfect for securing your home and small business.

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