SPECTRAZone Expansion Modules
RX 1

RX 1 Wireless Receiver
Compatible with SP Series control panels (V4.54 and higher)
32 wireless zones (SP Series only)
Maximum number of remote controls: 32
Remote control compatibility: REM1, RAC1
Transmitter compatibility: DCT10, DCTXP2, DCT2, PMD1P, PMD75, PMD85, SD738 (SP only)
In-field firmware upgradable via In-Field Firmware Upgrade software
RF jamming supervision
Low battery, tamper, and check-in supervision
Transmitter signal strength display
2 PGM outputs follow buttons 1 and 2 on REM1/RAC1 (also programmable through the panel)

ZX8 :: RTX3 :: PGM4 :: RX 1
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